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Not just today. But everyday since last yesterday!

I miss my blog.. I do really have something to blog about..But..

I have more important things than this blog.

The assignments.

Final assignments for this semester before the exams..?



ID - completely done! Will be presented this Friday night…

TPK – will start reading tomorrow..

Don’t want to be a sleeping partner this Friday evening.

RM – Preparing the slides for the proposal.. Presentation is on this Saturday.




I really need a rest, get out of Tanjung Malim, and enjoy myself after this busiest week.

Let’s jimba-jimba this Sunday~~ Yeeeahaaaa..


p/s: My family, my love, my room, my blog, my visitor.. sorry for ignoring you.I’m damn busy!

3 komen :

zalin onceitalk said... [Reply to comment]

buat mana yg penting dulu kak..blog ni tinggal pun xpe..dah mantap..hihi..

~ataicha~ said... [Reply to comment]

kesiannya... takpe nanti ada la masa nak update blog ni erk..

Chekgu Azrine said... [Reply to comment]

kesian cikgu dahlia.. pengorbanan orang belajar.. macam ni la..

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